Seattle School was initially established in 2002 as a performance group interested in exploring sound and music, primarily in relation to aspects of space, memory, rates/teleology, notation, failure, and audience. Inevitably expanding from composition, Seattle School now includes all performance and ephemeral arts disciplines. Seattle School seeks to create experiences that holistically engage all senses, and emphasizes other dimensions like time and environment. Projects have included a corporeal-sampled laptop battle at a rock club, a composed bicycle tour of a city, an art transformation of an entire motel before its razing, and a competitive songwriting game show which was sold to network television. Seattle School won the Stranger Genius Award 2004 for Organization and Best Experimental Music 2005 in the Seattle Weekly. They have worked with the Sony Game Show Network, Seattle Channel, 4Culture, Vera Project, Experience Music Project, Northwest Film Forum, Fremont Arts Council, Capitol Hill Arts Center, On the Boards, Consolidated Works, Open Circle Theater, Degenerate Art Ensemble, and numerous other arts organizations.

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